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⭐COVER REVEAL⭐: Ben Lee: The Magic Lunch Box

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

I am so excited to finally share the official cover of BEN LEE: THE MAGIC LUNCHBOX (Capstone Publishing)!!!!🥳 Here it is in all its glory:

This beautiful cover by the extraordinary Emily Paik blew me away! It is so colorful, detailed, and adorable! She truly captured each of my characters so wonderfully here. I also wanted to give a shoutout to the incredible team at Capstone Publishing. My editor, Alison Deering, and book designer, Jaime Willems, poured so much time and effort in making sure the cover looked perfect. I am so thrilled!

The process of creating the cover was SO much work. I sent Alison character descriptions. Emily started sketching out character designs. It was so surreal seeing my characters as an actual image for the first time. Once the character designs were confirmed, Emily worked on a sketch of the cover. This was the first image of the cover I received:

It was so cool to see it come together! We went back and forth many times, commenting on any edits we thought were needed. Alison and Jaime also reached out about adding a Korean element to it and suggested saekdong-inspired print to the spine. I really appreciated the fact that they thought of this detail. I could tell they really took the time to research about Korean culture. I soon received this:

After that, we continued to go back and forth, perfecting the cover and making small edits. Then, color was added, giving the cover the vibrancy it has now! More small edits followed...and on January 18th, I received the final cover!


For more information, check out my super fun interview with THE John Schu (fangirling!!) here:

Look for BEN LEE: THE MAGIC LUNCHBOX wherever books are sold on August 1, 2023!

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