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I am excited to be a host for the PETER LEE'S NOTES FROM THE FIELD book tour! Angela Ahn is an author I look up to and was lucky to connect with on Twitter! PETER LEE'S NOTES FROM THE FIELD was a fun and relatable book for young readers. It was so wonderful to see Korean representation in this #ownvoices book as well!

Along with being a writer, I am also an educator. After reading the e-arc, I created personalized classroom decor and sample activities teachers can pair with the book! Keep scrolling to take a look at the resources OR access them on Google Drive here. Click here to also see the schedule for the rest of the book tour!

Classroom Decor:

Activity Ideas:

Create your own notebook!

Just like how Peter Lee wrote in his notebook to explain what happened in his day, have your students write in a notebook for one week (7 days)! Bonus points if they decorate and personalize their notebooks!

Example notebook entry:

Monday, February 22, 8am

Conditions: Freezing cold

Today, I went sledding with my friends. It was super cold outside, and it just snowed last night so it was perfect! We climbed up the highest hill in our neighborhood. We went down it on our sleds 20 times!

Dinosaur Dig STEM Activity!

Peter loved to practice digging for dinosaur bones. Hide bones in a sandbox and have students search for bones. Students can try to piece them together and guess what animal/dinosaur the bones form!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Peter Lee is Korean. How is that an important part of who he is?

  2. How are Peter and L.B. different? How are they similar?

  3. Why does Peter feel annoyed with L.B.? Do you have a little sibling you get annoyed with too?

  4. How do you think Peter felt when Ryan made fun of him for liking dinosaurs? How did you know?

  5. How does the author show you how much Peter likes dinosaurs?

  6. Was Peter’s expectation of the trip the same as what actually happened? What was different?

  7. Why do you think Peter’s family tried to keep Hammy’s sickness a secret?

  8. Why did the girl at the ticket booth try to greet Peter’s family in a different language?

  9. How did Peter’s actions and attitude change when he got into the Royal Tyrrell Museum?

  10. How do you think Peter felt when he had an asthma attack while he was digging?

  11. Do you think that Peter’s mom and dad sometimes treat L.B. like she older than her age? Why or why not?

  12. Why did Peter feel proud at the Korean-Canadian celebration?

  13. How did Peter and L.B. react to the news about Hammy going to the hospital?

  14. Why do you think Peter’s mom didn’t want him and L.B. to see Hammy?

  15. What was good and bad about moving into the same room as L.B.?

  16. Why did Ryan doing taekwondo make Peter so angry?

  17. What made Peter decide to get rid of all his dinosaur stuff?

  18. What are some things Peter and Samuel have in common?

  19. Why was Peter so surprised when he discovered that Hammy liked to draw?

  20. How did paleontology help with Peter’s plan for having Hammy stay at her home?

  21. At the end of the book, Peter realized he had another talent. What was that and why was it so important?

I hope you found these resources helpful! PETER LEE'S NOTES FROM THE FIELD is a wonderful addition to any classroom or home library! If you would like to purchase the book, you can pre-order it on Penguin Random House, Amazon, Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, and many other bookstores!

Don't forget to enter my book giveaway as well: See you back here soon!

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Laina SpareTime
Laina SpareTime
Feb 25, 2021

I love the idea of keeping notebooks like Peter! That sounds so fun!

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